Tracey Cliff ist eine Upcycling Designerin aus Manchester/GB. Vor 3 Jahren hat sie ihr Label “Love Me Again” gegründet. Zur Zeit hängt ihre aktuelle Kollektion bei uns im Upcycling Fashion Store. Sie verbindet einfaches Design und klare Silhouetten mit nachhaltigen Gedanken. Tracey nutzt ausgediente Bekleidung, die sie zu individuellen, super bequemen, sommerlichen Kleidern verarbeitet. Für unseren Blog hat sie ein paar Fragen beantwortet:

Love Me Again by Tracey Cliff

 1. How did you get into upcycling fashion?

> I’ve always been into upcycling fashion, but when I was a child it wasn’t called that, it was a way of getting clothes really cheap second hand from charity shops and then learning and working out how to adapt them in a trial and error way. I come from a small town and it was also a way to look different by customizing and re shaping these old clothes no one wanted. After university it became my career, I started working for the charity TRAID where I was using their unwearable donated clothes and creating things to re sell through their shops around London, I really understood the importance of recycling and diverting textile waste from landfill, I could physically see in the warehouse how many damaged and unwearable clothes were just donated though textile banks with this one small charity, so the scale nationally in landfill must be enormous.


2. What do you feel when you have the new collection in your hands?

> My favourite bit out of the whole process is working on new designs and ideas, some work, some don’t, I’m never satisfied either, I always want to change everything and add extra things and do other bits and do loads of other colours, but there just isn’t enough time in the days! I get a bit of a high after doing a photoshoot, seeing everything on a model, that’s quite exciting.


3. What did you achieve so far?

> I suppose my achievement is setting up this little business off my own back and keeping it going for 3 years so far and convincing shops to stock things. The best thing is seeing someone on the street wearing something I’ve made, that actually happened a few days ago, it was one of the first designs I’d made, so the dress must’ve been about 3 years old, and she was still wearing it, that felt good.


4. How do you relax after a day of work?

> I love going for walks, it’s so good for clearing your mind and helping think things through, I always seem to be doing something though, I get involved with other jobs and projects too, I need to keep my mind occupied, so I’m either sewing or unpicking or fiddling with something in the evenings, I have to actually go out to stop myself. I’ve recently become a more experimental cook with interesting results…


5. What is special about your style?

> I think it’s really simple and unfussy, I love graphic prints and blocks of colour and straight lines. I think that’s my style?! Pretty much all my own clothes have some kind of print involving squares, triangles, anything geometric and quite strong colours, I like spots too. I have a soft spot for prints from the 1920′s, 50′s and 80′s.


6. What do you think about the fashion world?

> It’s mad that the price of nearly everything has gone up in real terms apart from fashion, it’s actually cheaper to buy things now than 10 years ago. That does make fashion more democratic in the fact that pretty much everyone can afford to wear what they want, but it’s at a terrible unsustainable cost. I really really like clothes, but I don’t really follow fashion, I like to know what’s happening, but I’ve always pretty much done my own thing anyway. The fashion industry is a huge business, generating a lot of money for the economy and it creates and sustains jobs, it has such a huge influence over people, I just wish they’d use more of that influence in a more positive way. Some big businesses are, possibly because larger sections of consumers are demanding it, but there’s a long way to go.


7. Where do you see the future of Eco fashion?

> It’s getting bigger, better and more competitively priced, there are loads of really interesting and great looking ethical fashion brands, some are really making an incredible impact in the media, Goodone, for instance, are amazing. Onwards and upwards I reckon!


8. Who is your perfect customer?

> If someone buys something from they are immediately perfect in my eyes!


9. What inspires you?

> Oh, everything and anything! Some things just catch my eye and I have to sketch it own, it could be the way someone’s worn a scarf, a print on an old dress, a book cover, the colour of someone’s front door. No reason for any of it really, a complete mixture. Whether any of that actually gets used is another story…


10. Where do you source your fabrics?

> I use a local textile recycling company, where I bulk buy rag clothing that’s unsellable as it is.


11. What do you think about the Eco fashion scene in Manchester?

> There are some very good shops more on the outskirts of Manchester selling interesting ethical clothing, and in the centre of the city there are more vintage dress shops which are generally all quite similar to one another. There are some great designers working from here, sara li chou han and Constanze Friedrichs

. Plus other more handmade independent local designers that source and print their own fabrics in Manchester such as LOELA who may not be using ethical fabrics, but are keeping it all local.

Love Me Again by Tracey Cliff